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About us

Wintel Solar is part of the Wintel group, established to identify, finance, build and own commercial and Industrial renewable energy projects.

Wintel specialises in distributed energy projects, focusing on saving businesses, data centres, manufacturing facilities and many more companies saving money on their electricity bills. Helping to create energy security and commercial longevity.

Our Services

Commercial Solar

Wintel assess the technical and economic feasibility of solar energy developments. Identifying the most cost effective and beneficial solution to meet clients’ needs.

Wintel’s teams will design and install the equipment, with zero upfront cost to your business. We will monitor and maintain the system for the complete term of the agreement. This includes any panel / inverter repairs or replacements.

Wintel Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

There are no upfront costs to your business, you simply benefit from reduced electricity rates. This allows you to save money on your energy bills and protect against rising, volatile electricity prices.

Our clients businesses will only pay for the electricity that the system produces. This is a significant benefit to a commercial operation, given that the electricity is being purchased at a cheaper rate.


ZERO Upfront Costs 

Fixed Energy Rates

Positive Climate Impact

How It Works

  • PPA term is typically 20 – 25 years
  • Price of electricity is fixed for the duration of the contract
  • No cap on usage, the more you use, the more you save
  • Monthly invoicing based on metered usage
  • At the end of the term the system can be handed over or the PPA renewed

Mission Statement

We strongly believe that the time has come that we look after our world and we are not the only ones! Governments have made efforts to ensure that the world is getting closer to meeting renewable targets. This includes the global effort to increase renewable energy and a conscious effort from both

commercial and retail worlds to install solar panels and reduce their bills against the current energy crisis.

We pride ourselves on our impact and the ability we have to be a central force in the renewable world. We have identified multiple further opportunities to fast track our strategy and provide ethical cost savings and hedging mechanism to those who share the same vision as ourselves. 

Contact Details

Weybridge, Surrey, United Kingdom


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